How do our document services really help save time, reduce errors and increase productivity?

Let us show you how.

Capture any document using a mobile phone and transmit it to a server.

1 Snap

Capture any document with your mobile phone.

2 Store

The document will be sent to a server where it will be stored safely.

3 Find

Just go to your dashboard and find the document when you need it.

When do I use Mobile Capture?
  • When I need to capture documents easily and conveniently.
  • When I need to capture documents that are transacted actively, on-the-go, fade fast or easily misplaced.
  • Documents suitable for mobile capture: delivery documents, expense receipts, thermal receipts etc
We take filled-up forms, capture all the text and deliver it in a format that you can use for business processing.

1 Scan

We scan all your forms.

2 Read

Our OCR technology reads and transforms your forms into text.

3 Deliver

We process this text into data you can use.

When do I use Form Processing?
  • When I want to eliminate manual data capture.
  • When I want my forms processed fast.
  • When I want my data captured to be consistent and accurate.
Do you have a thick, heavy document that you need to digitize?
  • We can digitize your bulky documents.
  • We give it a hyperlinked table of contents to make searching faster.
  • Retrieve your documents whenever you want - any page.
  • Great for manuals, large-format drawings, Word/Excel files etc.
Got a warehouse of documents that you need to scan in a short period of time?